With the objective of creating human resources and generating avenues for in-depth research and study and particularly to maintain steady progress with the development of archaeological research in other parts of the globe; the Government of Assam has taken initiatives to establish a new Department for learning in archaeology at Cotton University. The Department, established in the year 2015, has started a Post Graduate program (MA in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology) and a PhD program in Archaeology for fulfilling the long-standing requirement. The Department plans to set-up a Laboratory-cum-Museum of Archaeology for systematic documentation, analysis and display of archaeological objects.


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Recent Publications

  • Milan Kumar Chauley and Manjil Hazarika (Eds). 2021. Archaeology in Northeast India – Recent Trends and Future Prospects – Essays Celebrating 150 Years of Research., Edited Volume
    Publish by: New Delhi: Research India Press.
    Publish on: 07-July-2021

  • Morrison, Kathleen D., ... Manjil Hazarika ... and Marco Zanon. 2021. Mapping past human land use using archaeological data: A new classification for global land use synthesis and data harmonization., PLOS ONE, 16(4): e0246662.
    Publish by: Public Library of Science
    Publish on: 14-April-2021

  • Hazarika, Manjil, Raktim Patar, Sanathana, Y.S., Jayanta Roy and Jutimala Misra. 2020. The Raj Sabha at Silchang: Dolmens as Administrative Seats of the Ancient Khola Kingdom in Assam, India., Journal of Indo-Pacific Archaeology 44: 351–375.
    Publish by: Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association
    Publish on: 01-November-2020

  • Hazarika, Manjil, N.R. Ramesh, B.C. Poddar, Salim Javed, Y.S. Sanathana and Hemant Dalavi. 2020. Geo-archaeological Explorations in Tripura (2018-2019): A Report., Man and Environment XLV(1): 18-38.
    Publish by: Indian Society for Prehistoric and Quaternary Studies
    Publish on: 01-July-2020

  • Sanathana, YS and Manjil Hazarika. 2020. Iconography of Sage Narada in Indian Sculptural Art: Regional Variations., Ancient Asia 11(3): 1–11.
    Publish by: Society of South Asian Archaeology
    Publish on: 01-January-2020

  • Sanathana, YS and Manjil Hazarika. 2019. A Newly Discovered Sculpture of Surya from the Cotton University Campus in Guwahati, Assam., Pratnatattva - Journal of the Dept. of Archaeology, Jahangirnagar University 25: 105-112.
    Publish by: Dept. of Archaeology, Jahangirnagar University
    Publish on: 01-April-2019

  • Sanathana, YS and Manjil Hazarika. 2019. Ancient Pragjyotisha-Kamarupa and Adi Shankaracharya., History Today 20: 09–15.
    Publish by: Indian History and Culture Society
    Publish on: 01-March-2019

  • Sanathana, YS and Manjil Hazarika. 2019. Archaeological Remains of Rajaduar Area in North Guwahati, Assam., Ancient Asia 10(4): 1–16.
    Publish by: Society of South Asian Archaeology
    Publish on: 01-February-2019

  • Manjil Hazarika. 2019. Neolithic Pottery of Eastern Himalaya and Northeast India., Development of Neolithic Cultures and Diversity of Pottery, Amsadong Site Research Series, Vol. 3, ed. Kidong Bae.
    Publish by: Seoul: National Museum of Korea
    Publish on: 01-January-2019

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